Here We Go Again, Again

So, Karoshi-man came home last Monday, and he was doing great -- no back-sliding, with a new outlook and attitude toward improving his situation. But this morning his numbers kept climbing despite every attempt to level them out. So, we called an ambulance. He's been admitted with Ketoacidosis. We don't know what triggered it, so...

Fingers crossed.

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MRIs and Blood Stuff

So, my MRI showed okay, I think I've said before, but my blood is showing some improvement. Since I'm still pretty tired, I'm not sure what that indicates, but I was told to keep taking my iron pills. So, there's that.

Hubby is taking Karoshi-man in for an MRI today. We suspect he has been bedeviled by Hydrocephalus for at least a year, which would explain some of his odd behavior. I have my fingers crossed, because it can be treated and I'd like to have K-man back to what passes for normal for him!

Bilbo (the Crested Malt) got into the pantry yesterday, and polished off a box of PopTarts, *sigh* I think he only got a couple of them, but he's so bloated today, and is clearly not feeling well. Karma.

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Here We Go Again

So, two weeks ago Karoshi-man had a sudden relapse. He'd been gradually improving over the last year and a half, could even stand by himself for brief periods of time, but after a week in the hospital he's back in a rehab/nursing home. It seems like all the advancement he's made... I just hope he doesn't back-slide too far. If all goes well, he might be back home next week. Fingers crossed.

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Catching Up

Man, am I behind! The last couple weeks have been a wild ride.

First Gypsy, our 7 lb. Chihuahua mix, got jumped by some of the other canines. It happens. Usually there's a lot of noise, hair pulling, and pinching, and the abused ends up none the worse for wear. However, Maggie the long-haired Dachshund mix is, at 17 lb.s, too big to play this "game" and too excitable to understand that she's not supposed to actually BITE the smaller dog. (But Maggie thinks it's fun...)

So, I've been tending Gypsy's injuries (she's almost back to full health), and trying to teach Maggie that Gypsy is NOT a chew toy. To be continued.
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Rehearsal? No, Thank You Very Much!

I survived the procedure! A technician had given Hubby the wrong information re: a rehearsal (meaning I would have had to gone through the week-long prep, including the nasty tasting bowel flusher.)

I had no trouble swallowing the camera (yeah), then I found out how much equipment I had to keep on me for the next twelve hours: a tricorder-like devise worn, well, tricorder-like. There was an extra tether around my neck and under my shirt, because the devise is hella expensive. Also attached to the tricorder was a belt, worn under my clothes against my skin. The belt tracked the camera, and unloaded the info to the tricorder (which had a flap through which you could actually see what the camera saw!)

The bad part was that I still wasn't allowed to eat -- I had to stay on the clear liquid diet -- for twelve hours more. *whine*

Now all I need is for the camera to exit my body -- hopefully before my MRI on Tuesday, since I can't have any metal in my body for the scan. Man, I've been having a lot of procedures over the past year, and they don't seem to be slowing down. I think my warrenty is up!
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So, in a continuing effort to find out why I'm so low on iron, they'll have me swallow a capsule containing a little camera to check out my small intestines. I've been doing the prep for this all week, and tomorrow I go on a Clear Liquid Diet. Then late in the afternoon I'll start drinking that nasty crap they force on you for a colonoscopy. The procedure is happening Friday.

Know what the "fun" part is? This will have all been for a rehearsal! There will be no camera in the pill I have to swallow. When they schedule the actual camera swallowing, I get to do all this prep over again!

Won't that be a delight?

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Holiday Guest

A week ago Maggie's full sister Reyna came to stay with us while her human daddy J went to Mexico for his Christmas holiday. So, she's staying with us for a month. We had to re-erect the outside kennel (taken down after the weiners passed) for her to stay in. Fortunately she's an outdoor dog, as the total chaos of trying to integrate her with the home pack would be a nightmare.

Her dad brought her very large dog house to put in the kennel, and we added a thick old quilt for the inside. She has the same colouration as Maggie (black and cream, with a distinctive face mask, and a few white accents), but that's where the similarities end. Reyna is a bit bigger, and her coat is shorter and a bit coarser. Maggie's coat is longer, silkier, and she has a beautiful plumed tail.

Reyna is very sweet and well behaved, her water bowl is always clean, and her bag of food can be left in the kennel with her and she never messes with it. She's not a barker, and is rather submissive. She doesn't eat poop, while Maggie is an Olympic class poop eater. :P

I let her out a couple times a day to run and play with Maggie, while the others stay inside. We couldn't ask for a better guest. (Karoshi-man says J isn't going to get her back. We'll see about that.)
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Floor Achieved!

It was 3 AM this morning, but the floor is finally done and most of the dust-catchers are back in place. We're all exhausted, but worth it. We've put in waterproof planks -- lifeproof! -- and they look super.

Well, I'm heading to bed. I've already fallen asleep twice trying to finish this. G'night!
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Stalled Again

The last two days have been spent preparing to put a new floor in the living room. We moved everything on the right of the room to the left of the room. (So much DUST!!) In front of the door is a tile landing that the Sister-Unit decided she no longer wanted, so Hubby started prying the tiles up. Oh, snap! There is so much adhesive under the tiles that getting a bit of pry bar under one is impossible.

Our neighbor, thankfully, had an electric hammer (or whatever it was) to lend us, but then Hubby had to go out anyway to rent a cart of something to brace the tool in. Finally! Progress! The tiles were broken up and removed, then the Hubby had to return the cart, so there was that. In the meantime Sis and I spent the time pulling up the old laminate planks from half the room.

When Hubby got back, he and Sis started to lay the new Lifeproof vinyl planks. They look good, but it was soon discovered that the cutting tool Home Depot sold us as "the one you need" was NOT the one we need. So now Hubby has run out to Home Depot to get that straightened out.

So, we're stalled again. The lower level of our house is a wreck, but you have to break a few eggs, as they say. Pray for us.
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