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More Fun

Was eating a bacon pizza the other day, and somehow broke a piece of a back molar off. Of course it's on the inside, so it's scraping my tongue when I eat or speak. My dentist isn't scheduling appointments until June, but I don't want to deal with the pain that long, so we're going to try to get a walk in appointment this week.

I have two teeth that need root canals, and while my insurance will pay for that, it won't pay for crowns and I can't afford any. I expect I'll lose them because of that, but what can I do about it. (I inherited weak enamel from my mother -- it's been a life-long struggle that it seems I'm loosing.)
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Saw the Pulmonologist

About my extreme shortness of breath (which has been a problem for over a year), and an x-ray and blood tests later he put me on Trelegy. Within a few days I was sick with nausea and vomiting. It took a while to realize that the Trelegy was to blame, because nausea and vomiting weren't on the main list of side effects. EXCEPT when you check the drop downs of an under-producing adrenal gland, there it is.

Yeah, I'm off the Trelegy. And feeling much better. Man, that was a miserable few days!
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Brief Hiatus

I've been sick, I'm afraid: nausea, vomiting, light-headedness. So I haven't felt like posting. Still don't, but I thought I should check in.

So, Hi.
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Sword Arthur


The house behind us and one over is having a party. It was still going on at around 1:30 AM, when I took the dogs out before bed. The house was lit up, music blaring so loud that they had to shout back and forth to each other. My dogs are reactive little monsters, so there they were, barking like crazy when we usually try to be dead quiet. I'm sure my neighbors were thrilled.

Fortunately, I couldn't hear them once we got back into the house.
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Dodged a Bullet

Oscar has been sick all week, like a relapse from his stroke: not eating or drinking, very weak and disoriented. We took care of him, making him comfortable, and preparing for the worse.

He turned a corner yesterday, thankfully, and is now alert and eating (vigorously -- he's much too skinny!) What strength the stroke left him has returned, and he's back to climbing up and down the bed. Good boy, Oscar!
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Stop Bigotry

R.I.P. Aunt Rose

My mother's sister-in-law passed. I think it was today, but we're having trouble finding out what happened, so... Uncle is Mom's only sibling, her older brother by two years. The Sis-U and I were at their wedding when we were toddlers -- somewhere there are pictures. Aunt and Sis shared the same birthday.

I'll remember her intelligence, bravery and honesty, and I'll think of her often. May you rest in well-deserved peace, Rose.
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