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My sister is one of those bashing Simone Biles for taking herself out of competition in the Olympics, when she began to doubt herself and feared she'd seriously hurt herself. I am a life-long sufferer with depression, social anxiety disorder, and a whole wheelbarrow of other disorders. I understand Simone. Maybe this will help others to get her:
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R.I.P. Faith

Faith passed quietly, knowing that she was very much loved. She joins her best friend Buffy across the Rainbow Bridge...

We miss you both so much.
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Democracy Colbert

Healing Thoughts, Please

Our 13 year old kitty Faith started fading last night. We can't put a finger on what's wrong -- Jaguar thinks it might be her heart, not uncommon in older kitties. We'd take her to the vet's, but that's a lot of stress on Faith, and a lot of money we don't have -- only to tell us there's little they can do.

So, we'd love to have everyone send good thoughts. She could still rally.
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Bondage Merlin

Gypsy: 3, Rodents: 0

Once again I must report another grisly mouse murder. It was under the pallet, like the rat, but when I lifted it the mouse started to take the safest route to escape (which it was very close to), but Gypsy's skills are improving with every success, and she was totally ready to pounce. It was over super quick.
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Blue Eyes

Oops, She Did it Again!

Gypsy is well on her way to being a serial rodent killer! Late last night I was taking the dogs out for their final go before bed, and Gypsy was in her kennel -- there's a flat wooden pallet in there, and rodents sometimes shelter underneath it. Gypsy insisted that there was something under it. Wanting to get the dogs inside before the idiots down the street shot off more fire crackers, I told Gypsy, "Be ready" and I lifted the pallet.

There are three escape routes once the pallet is up, and rats, mice and lizards have always used the one closest to the wire and escape. This time, however, the young rat ran straight at Gypsy -- who jumped on him like white on rice! She caught him and bit until he stopped moving, then walked away like the professional killer she's become.

No picture this time -- I got the pack in, then disposed of the rat. A job well done.
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Blood Ties

Hope You Had a Happy 4th!

Those of us with more than one dog call it The Night of Barks and Booms. Three Thundershirts were deployed. (I think we need a few more...)

I had several direct ancestors who fought in the Revolutionary War -- most notably my 5th great-grandfather William "Fightin' Billy" Tipton, who lost an arm, a leg and an eye in the war. He was a close buddy of Andrew Jackson, a fact I find interesting but I'm not in any way proud of.
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Bibical Methos

Happy Birthday, Starbuck!

Today Starbuck is 8 years old!! We rescued him as a tiny fluffy 8 week old puppy whose people bought him in Tiajuana, then found out their landlord wouldn't let them keep him. He grew into a noble looking goofball with more issues than NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC. ^_^
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Best Slash D/M

Happy Belated Birthday, Pippin!

She's 11 years old! Actually, her birthday was yesterday, but I was rather distracted. She's still a very playful and peppy senior. She was rescued with Yuki from a high kill shelter by a local rescue when she was around 1 1/2 years old, and has been a happy, weird little girl ever since.
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