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A Last Farewell

Gerald's brother posted this at Caring Bridge. I'm forwarding it here for my friends who knew him:

Born: Gerald Reed Perkins at 11:16am on 6/24/1944 to Eugene R. Perkins & Lorraine A. Perkins.
Died: 4:25pm on 3/30/2007 May he Rest In Peace
Survived by his mother, Lorraine, and his brothers, David & Douglas

Jerry, my big brother, and I mean that both in age and height, lived a great and wondrous life. He was brilliant in intellect (he could beat you at chess while reading a book). He had an artistic eye (he created millions of photos & an was an avid collector of fantasy art). He had a creative mind (he was a card carrying member of The Science Fiction & Fantasy Writers of America). He was a citizen of the world and lived, worked and visited every corner he could and he took photos of every corner with his ever present camera (where did you see him last?). He had a devastating sense of humor (insert his worst pun here). He was a good friend to so many (your name here) and Big Brother to David & I (leader of so many youthful adventures).

Please post your memories of him at: caringbridge.org under Gerald Perkins.

Jerry retired to this beautiful home, where I am writing from, on the North Olympic Peninsula in Sequim, WA only two years ago. After a bout of what he thought was stomach flu, he entered the local hospital on Friday, 3/23. On Monday he was airlifted to the UW Medical Center in Seattle with acute liver failure. Friday, 3/30, he apparently died of wide spread abdominal cancer in his spleen, liver and pancreas.

He will be fondly missed by so many.

Respectfully and with regrets,
Youngest Brother, Doug Perkins

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