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Dark Natasha Update

Heather posted this message from Natasha's mother, Dark Mumsy, and I've reposted it here for my non-mutual friends.

Dark Mumsy here with a recap on everything that has happened with Natasha
since the day of the accident. A few more details as we have finally received
the police report.

We again, want to thank each of you for your overwhelming concern
and support! The messages, flowers, cards and cheer have meant so
much to us and have really helped Natasha feel better. She greatlyappreciates it and feels blessed to have so many caring friends, fans and

May 1st Tuesday 2007

Natasha was down by Mills mall and was crossing over to Barnes and Noble on
the other side to finish up her errands before heading home. She was
the only car crossing northbound when the lights turned green. By the
time she was halfway into the intersection a Chevy 2001 Tahoe travelling
eastbound ran the red light broad-siding her car, there were two
bystanders who stayed to help the officers with the details they witnessed.
Natasha was still seat-belted in while pinned between the driver door and
center console. The fire department and paramedics soon arrived and
had to use Jaws of Life to extract Natasha from her vehicle and rush her
off to the hospital. We did find out that there was another car
involved which Natasha's car was pushed into after the Tahoe hit her. That driver was
stopped for the light in the westbound lane when the accident
happened. The other driver was luckily unharmed and suffered minimal damage to
his vehicle.

Natasha was in the hospital for several days before she was released
home. She is staying with her mother until she is able to do things once
more on her own. She has been unable to do any work and cannot sit at
a computer for more then 10 min. It will be quite a while before she can
have things somewhat back to normal.

Doctors say she may be on crutches about 6-8 weeks. Her right pelvis
is fractured in 3 separate places. I will be doing what I can to keep
everyone posted on her progress until she is able to get back on the
internet herself.

Natasha's car has been totaled and it will be some time before she can
replace the vehicle and drive again.Again, many thanks for your support. Dark Mumsy

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