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Wolfgang Zoo #1: BlackJack

This is our only outside kitty, BlackJack. He came to use with three sisters: Twinky, Winky, and Spooky. They all showed up one day and decided to stay in our front yard. Twinky disappeared early on, we found Spooky a home with Karoshi-man's father Bitter-man, and Winky recently passed away after we moved to the new house. Jack is the king of the new neighborhood, and has been systematically wiping out the local rats and mice.

Example: The UPS man came along while I was outside draining the dogs (one of whom is blind Bon-Bon), and no one but I knew he was there until he spoke. OMG. Poodle yapping, weiner baying, parrot shrieking. BlackJack came running in from the back yard, puffed up and ready to do battle for me. I had a cat like him when I was a kid, a medium haired black tom who joined in with our dog to drive an aggressive stray out of the yard. :)

On the AC front: Just finished a pin-up piggy. I feel sooooo tickled!

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