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Wolfgang Zoo #4: Kaa

I have better pictures of Elsa and Flash to upload, so we'll leap frog over them for now and present Kaa, and his human pal Karoshi-man. Kaa is a Boa Constrictor, and is at least 9 feet long. He was just 4 feet long when he came to live with us.

Long time members of my flist will recall that Kaa nearly died in the cold snap earlier this year. Hell, he was the deadest-looking thing I had even seen. There was even some kind of liquid dribbling from his jaws. Luckily Karoshi-man saw his tail move slightly before he buried him. We warmed him up with electric blankets, and he's been as good as new ever since.

Kaa does not like to eat pregnant rats -- I guess they smell funny, because we have no idea they're prego until after he refuses them. Then they deliver. This has happened twice over the years.


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