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Wolfgang Zoo #5: Scarlett

As much trouble as she is, the Scarlett Princess is a very sweet little girl. When she's asleep. (Kinda like her human mommy! *snicker*) She's the Sister-Unit's Widdle Baby Dawling. She's spoiled and pampered -- by all of us. Scarlett is a toy poodle, a little over 5 lbs, in the rare red colouring. Believe it or not, this pink pup was once as dark red as an Irish Setter.

When Scarlett was 3 years old, she developed Irritated Bowel Syndrom, probably due to an undiagnosed food allergy. Long story short, the meds she had to be on to allow her to eat destroyed her immune system. This means she lost immunity to the microbes that live on every canine body, so she has several skin conditions that make her very itchy and scaley. With expensive medical attention, she is happy if not healthy, and pretty sassy most of the time. We've raised her 'til she's now 9 years old, hoping for more. Unfortunately, she's developed an enlarged heart, something that often happens to poodles when they reach a certain age, so More Meds for that!

She has to be babysat, so it's lucky that I work from home. She's a lot of trouble, but we love her. :) Here's a picture of Scarlett with Blackjack:


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