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Wolfgang Zoo #9: Flash

This is Flash. He's a Lilac-Crowned Amazon, and is at least 20 years old -- probably closer to 25. All the things you've heard about how obnoxious these beautiful parrots are is true. He's smart, vocal, demanding, and very possessive of ME. I can handle him, kiss him, turn him over, what have you, but the rest of the household are The Enemy. They are Rivals For Lord Gloria's Affection.

Can he talk? A bit. Keep in mind that I didn't teach him. He landed in our backyard almost 20 years ago and was never claimed. What does he say? "Hello", "Good Boy", and... "Fuck You." He meows like a cat, barks like a dog, and can wolf whistle.

The Sister-Unit, Anal-Man, and Karoshi-Man all wish he would fall off his perch and head for Birdie Heaven. They're jealous, 'cause he only loves ME. (Who can resist a creature who strokes your ego? *grin*)


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