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Long Strange Road

This is Rebel Yell, a LafnBear Tuesday resin mule sculpted by Lynn Fraley, painted a sabino dun by Jennifer al Beik. Mz Fraley's resins are hard to get -- you have to be chosen by lottery, or take your chances on the secondary market. I was lucky: Rebel came to me via lottery. I'm pretty good at being chosen for things I have to pay for.

So imagine my concern that the artist I sent her to went totally flake on me. It's taken me five years of run-around to get Rebel home. She just came in today. Her belly signature says she was finished in 2004...

With Rebel was this little scamp: Sugar Rush. He's a Heart's Fiesta resin sculpted by Kathleen Moody, of a Bashkir Curly colt. I had Jennifer paint him this dark bay tobiano.

I love them both -- I'm so glad they're finally home!!!

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