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Happy Birthday, Daddy!

Today, my father Bob Smith turns 70!! He's had a rough life, a charmed life, a totally refuse-to-grow-old life. Growing up, all my girlfriends swooned over him -- he was handsome, charming, well built, and totally full of himself. When I was 20, I was literally only half his age, a fact that he found terribly amusing. He wasn't getting older -- his kids were catching up!

Viet Nam vet (the radioman on scouting flights into disavowed territory), NASA map maker, survivor of a heart attack and quad-bypass (and post-op infection that ruined his much cared for body image), an aneurism of the brain that require surgery and literally killed him twice, my father is finally having to face up to the fact that he's not 28 anymore. Well, dad, neither am I, and I am much closer to you age-wise than I was then. It's still funny. :)

I don't have any on-line photos of my dad, so here's a close facsimile:

Add a goatee and this is my dad when he was my age. I kid you not.

Happy Birthday, dad!

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