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"Sibling" Rivalry at the Wolfgang Zoo

Ivan the Transgender Tuxedo Kitty has been a Momma's Boy since he was three days old. He's 15 now. Max the Maine Coon Cat, who is 6 years old, has decided he must compete with Ivan. Ivan buries himself in blankets, Max buries himself in blankets. When Momma comes into the room for a nap, it's a race between these two to see who can sit on Momma first. Max sprawls, covering my torso, but Ivan is undetered. He creeps up my body, squeezes past Max, and perches across my collarbone so that he's closer to my head than Max.

If I sit down to watch TV in the bedroom, Max nearly breaks his neck to get into my lap, though he's far too big for it. Then here comes Ivan to creep down the bed and over my shoulder to sit above Max on my breast shelf. My cats are as nuts as everything else in my life!

I was gonna post kitty pics, but the image uploading thingy isn't working tonight. :P

Edit: Working now! :)


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