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Hallowe'en Meme

Grabbed from zrath -- very silly.

Halloween Meme
april_art TPs your socks
aries_jordan summons the undead armies of voided_space to steal your candy
dark_natashadark_natasha creates an unholy monstrosity from mfilesmfiles, dhsteindhstein and winter_elfwinter_elf
dhstein gives you a toothbrush
doll_paparazzi puts apples in your razorblades
doronjosama carves geewu10's effigy in the medium of cutlery
drzarron sacrifices michelelight's Bank Manager's lunchbox
geewu10 puts real eyeballs in your candy
hbruton calls april_art to let her know the psycho killer's in the remastered version of Star Wars
hotmarscube shows up with burning torches, pitchforks and dip
mfiles dresses up as doll_paparazzi
michelelight haunts your pumpkin
mlewys devours the entire neighbourhood's Wings Greatest Hits
voided_space swoops on mfiles and drains his gerbils
winter_elf buries dark_natasha at the crossroads with a gerbil through her heart
LJ Name

What's the fascination with gerbils?

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