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Filtched From melvh: Angel Meme

The Archangel Within (An Archangel Quiz)

Gabriel - "God is my Strength". Intelligent, down to earth, tolerant, and merciful, you are most like Gabriel. You like to be straightforward but at times feel you do not want to be too harsh so you pour some sugar on to try and make things less painful for others. You care a great deal about other people even if they give you an absolute headache at times. You are very loyal and know how to keep your friends' secrets when asked. You are a rather logical sort and it seems at times you are viewing the world in a totally different mindset than most. You're an excellent communicator and may be diverse in several languages. When people have problems they know who to go to for mediation. It's a tough job, but someone has to do it, just do not overwork yourself. You need to keep your "give and take" balance in check otherwise you will tire out easily. Biblical Facts: Gabriel is often depicted with a Scythe and long magnificent silver horn. It is used as a traditional instrument in God's orchestra, can lull beings to sleep, and it is said that he will sound it upon the day of Armageddon which will signal for all the faithful souls to go and join the Creator in Heaven. It is also said that before a human being is born Gabriel whispers all the knowledge of God to the unborn child and presses a finger to their lips creating the cleft between their nose and upper lip.
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