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FC: The Journey

Let's see if I can coherently piece together how the con went for me. The trip up was smooth, because we looked at the snow falling as we approached the Grapevine, and decided to go the long way around. Good decision, because they closed the pass soon after. Lunch at Harris Ranch consisted of the most melt-in-your-mouth tri-tip steak I ever tasted. ^_^

I adore the Double-Tree where the con has been held -- it's well laid out, the rooms are attractive, and we always get a first floor room. Too bad next year will be the last year there. FC has grown too big.

It was great to see everyone! Even though I came to the con with a mini-crud, I was in good drawing form and felt I produced some quality badges. martes brought my 12 contributors decks of the Wild Cards of the World card deck, and I sold all but the three I held back for myself. It was Very Well Received! (winter_elf, I have the decks you wanted set aside!)

In the art show, I sold three pieces to quick sale (two of which had been to cons before), and I had three go to voice auction. Sold well to the bid sheet, and even sold a piece after the auction at my table. I also won darknatasha's adorable Fennec Fox and Dormouse ("Play Time") original at auction, and a sweet little ringtail watercolour by Kitsumi.

After the con, we took an extra day to do the tourist thing, and it turned out to be a good thing that we did. Baby, our gorgeous red with pseudo-wood paneled PT Cruiser, refused to start after a gas stop before heading back to the hotel. Anal-man pushed her away from the pumps and tried to get a running jump by coasting her down toward the street, but there wasn't enough steepness to build up speed. I nearly jumped out of my skin before he got Baby stopped, her nose slightly out into the street!!

Do you know that people will still honk at you when you've got your hazard lights blinking? Idiots.

I'm gonna stop for the moment. My head is exploding...

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