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FC: The Journey: Part Deux

Where was I? Oh, yeah -- sitting shotgun in a PT Cruiser whose nose is perilously close to traffic. We were not entirely blocking the entrance to the gas station, and our hazard lights were on, still -- felt kinda exposed. Anal-man put my blind ass in the driver's seat to steer while he tried to push Baby back into the station area, but that little dip at the bottom of the exit, before you hit the street, was not gonna let him.

Thank goodness for good Samaritans! This guy parked, hopped out and helped A-man push Baby back. A tow truck showed up (after a bit) and took us to the local Chrysler dealer. Is it just me, or is it sorta unnerving when your tow driver recounts for you all the traffic tickets he's gotten recently while on the way to the dealer's? While I suspect most of his trouble was DWM (Driving While Mexican), it wasn't exactly cheering me up.

The mechanics had all gone home for the night. No one would look at Baby 'til morning. The very morning we were supposed to be leaving for home. Well, we still had our room at the Doubletree for one more night, A-man has the deluxe warranty which means Chrysler will pay for "everything" -- including the taxi we took back to the hotel.

Unfortunately, we couldn't get the room for another day at the con price (huge jump!), so I packed the next morning while A-man got the rental car. We still hadn't heard what the problem with Baby was -- no one was returning our calls. I had this mental picture of the head mechanic waving his arms and mouthing 'I'm not HERE!' whenever we tried!

Sorry I'm doing this in spurts. My head and eyes ache. More later!

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