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FC: The Journey Continues

Feeling better today, but poor Anal-man has the con crud now. *sigh* Plague Con, indeed!

Well, let's see if I can finish this thing while I'm feeling upright. We spent Tuesday going around to local museums. A-man enjoyed the Intell museum, and we both got a kick out of the computer museum. I recognized some of the machines I had seen when I visited NASA in Houston as a kid. NEAT!

At the Ames Research Museum, there were more NASA exhibits, and michelelight, I found a shower gift for Dawn-Dawn at their gift shop. I'll have to hand it to you to deliver when we get together next. :) Then we went to Moffett Field to tour their history museum. Here's where the delay began to pay off: I found a book with blueprints/cut-aways of an airship's aircar!!!! The next story I am working on for HAVOC INC. takes place (largely) on board a dirigible. So, yeah me!!

Finally we get the call that Baby is ready (around 4PM), and head out to the dealer. There's Baby -- all Anal-man has to do is reload the stuff we had at the hotel. Which proves not to be as easy as it sounds. After a lot of shoving, restacking, and cursing under his breath... Oh... how to say this... I was in the front passenger seat when it happened. WHOOOOOOOSH! From the other side of the driver's seat came a propelled, floating cloud of fire extinguisher... stuff... A fine, powdery substance.

"Love," I said loudly, opening the door, "I think the -- um -- fire extinguisher's... yep, firing."

More swears, punctuated with "Out! Get out!" He was concerned about me getting any of that into my lungs, being as I'm severely asthmatic. I got out as he was hauling stuff back out to get to the canister, and just started laughing. Couldn't help it -- It was that or cry! :)

Gotta stop again, sorry. My eyes are REALLY stinging!

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