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I'm Back!

Eureka Live went very well, though as usual we were rushed at the end. (I blame this on the long lunch break followed by the lengthy verbal auction held by the Stones in the middle of the show.) I got lots of ribbons (and NAN cards that go with my 1st and 2nd place wins). Three of my horses won Division Champion rosettes, and two of these went on to win Overall Grand Champion trophies.

The big winners from my showstring are:

Kahlua Twist, Tennessee Walking Horse gelding (Independence resin by Sarah Rose, painted by Chris Nandell): Champion of the Artist Resin Light/Gaited Division, Overall Grand Champion Artist Resin

Anticipation, Sport Mule Molly (Breyer Halla customized & painted by Diane Capwell): Champion of the Custom Stock Horse Division, Overall Grand Champion Custom Model

Ester Rose, pregnant Miniature Horse mare (Breyer Welsh Mountain Pony stablemate, customized & painted by Chris Jolly): Champion of the Custom Pony Division

Pictures will come soon! :)

However, I'm paying for the fun today with many aches & pains, especially my hips and back. Looks like Anal-man has Strep Throat, too...

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