May 25th, 2006



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Fifteen men on a dead man's chest!
Cutlass or pistol?
What is the name of your pirate ship?
Where is your secret pirate base?
What kind of loot do you prefer?
What do you and your crew prefer to be called?
Parrot or monkey?
Your capable first mategeewu10
Your bumbling cabin boy with a heart of goldhotmarscube
The aloof, yet honorable, pirate with a mysterious pastsongwood
Is always the first one into the fraygeewu10
Is the naval officer who ruthlessly pursues your shipsongwood
Is the comical pirate who is always drunk on grogmlewys
Is currently in Davy Jones's lockermercy_asakura
The amount of money you make as a pirate$123,169
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Alright, too much fun not to do this tonight. *snicker*

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favorite drink
weapon of choice
do you like the taste of envelope glue?
the evil ninja mastermind hellbent on world dominationmlewys
the bewitching and sexually ambiguous one that no one knows anything aboutgeewu10
the scarysmart one, eerily calm even in the midst of chaosc2m
the tiny, seemingly-delicate one with a deadly temper and awesome strengthtes_fic
the pale, quiet one who turns out to be really, really scarymlewys
the sexy, smirking anti-villain who joins your side at the last momentyrgoddess
the snarky punk mercenary who's only there for the money and coz they love a good fighthotmarscube
the distant arrogant aristocrat who wants to bring down the society they were born intoyrgoddess
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