July 21st, 2006


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What Emotion Lies Inside of You?

Your emotion is glee.
You are happy with yourself and everyone else. Happiness seems to be the best feeling out there. You're at peace and you just feel warm to everyone else. You seem to be a very lovely person. Nothing wrong with that. You just see that you're more fortunate than others and you want to help others.

You look on the bright side, but not many people appreciate ones who do so. Just ignore them and keep your head up high and don't forget to smile. You like where your life is going and how everything is going in it.

Your quote:
I am happy with myself and I am happy with others.

Your motive in life:
Stay strong and help others.

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Favourite Fairytale
Prince Charming is
You are the ______ heroine.Brave
Your Prince in shining armour:winter_elf
Your step mother that envies you for your lookstikkeni
Your step mother's evil midget henchman, Steve:yrgoddess
A leper who sells you magic BEANS:songwood
Your lucky charm is a...Rabbit's foot - poor guy.
Heavens! You've been turned into:a leper!
Percentage your Prince will find a way to save you
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