August 30th, 2006


World Con: Part 2

We couldn't check in 'til late in the afternoon. So Hubby went off to make sure all was set for Uncle Anime. (This was the only reason he was there. Uncle Anime suffered a stroke almost a year ago that was very dibilitating. Hubby is one of the fine people who maintains a fund for Unc so that he can still participate in local fandom.)

Sister-Unit, the Scarlett Princess and I picked up our badges, then went to catch what was left of the opening ceremonies. All this time Sis-U was complaining that we had arrived late and were missing them. Two minutes of the droning on stage and she was yanking us back out again.

Nice room! Hubby is a Hilton Honours member, and got us a place on the 13th floor, next to Uncle Anime's handicap room. Only, Sister-U wanted a ground floor room. For the Scarlett Princess. Explaining that there were no ground floor rooms at the Hilton fell on deaf ears. Made no never-mind to me -- heh. I wasn't going to be walking the dog at 7:30 AM.

I got mine for being smug. The notebook Hubby brought to set up for me to get on line crapped out. AAAAAGGGGHHHH!!!!! No Internet Access For 5 Days??!!! Say it isn't so!!!!!

More later.

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