September 2nd, 2006


More World Con

Well, I'm feeling better, but I'm starting to lose the weekend... My retention isn't what it used to be, and really, it was never very good. Wednesday really didn't end up being much after Hubby left. We putzed around putting my art up in the art show, there was much cooing at the coolly indifferent Scarlett Princess, and some time was spent looking at the art that had been put up. James Gurney was the Artist Guest of Honour, so several of his original dinosaur art was on hand. Some even for sale, if I had a spare $3000 lying about. :)

Michael Whelan had space, but nothing hanging the first day. Heck, we could wait!

So the first day was travel up, getting the room, and seeing to the Scarlett Princess' needs. All meals would be power bars, PB &J, or fruit cups in the room. The top of the TV unit looked like a transplant patient's pharmacopia with all of the princess' meds and mine too.

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Explaining The Scarlett Princess

With caring for the Scarlett Princess, we really don't leave the room most days before noon. Which I don't mind, being lazy and not really interested in panels. Not so the Sister-Unit. She keeps thinking she's missing something.

What's wrong with the Scarlett Princess, you ask? Okay, first off: she is not sick nor is she suffering. She has a medical condition, and the meds keep her from being sick or suffering. She was diagnosed with Intestinal Bowel Disease when she was only 3. She'll be 9 in January. IBD can be caused by a number of things. In the Princess' case it was most likely an allergy to corn.

Anyway, she became unable to eat without severely upsetting her stomache and she wasn't absorbing proteins, she lost a lot of weight during the experimental time it took to find out what she could eat and what meds would work. The meds caused seizures and suppressed her immune system, but we got them balanced and the seizures stopped. But with the suppressed immune system she developed demodactic mange. Long story short, she is taking meds and eating a special diet for the IBD, medicated baths and lotions for the mange, and because she's now a senior: heart meds for congestive heart failure (discovered when she began fainting.)

And yes, she's an expensive little money pit. But she's Sis-U's only child. I do not make that analogy lightly. The Scarlett Princess is happy, loves to travel, and as long as she gets her meds she's "healthy."

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