September 9th, 2006


At Last! I'm The Coolest Girl in School!!!! (Took long enough...)

Which Mean Girls Character Are You?

You are Janis, and you are the coolest girl in school.
Bad: You can have a mean streak if you're seeking revenge on someone.
Good: You are your own person, and don't care what people think about you.
Go you!
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So, Saturday at World Con... It's the day I'm going out with friends to celebrate Winter Elf's birthday, so I know I won't have time to change before I have to catch a ride with Mercy Asakura and Wolfemeister. Therefore: Pirate for a whole day!!! Cool!!! I have a new baldric for my sword I'm dying to try out, anyway.

The art show silent auction was closing around 2PM, and there was a darling Leila Dowling centaur girl I ought not to be bidding on but was. My own bay (with only my pathetic 1/2 panel in it) was right around the corner, so I could keep an eye on any bidding there as well as guard my bid.

I had only on bid, on a Spanish Lynx from my First Kingdom series with a hummingbird hovering over his head, but I noticed a girl in there guarding it. So I sidled over, short pirate that I was, to see what was what. She had upped the original bidder's price by $35.00. As soon as she saw me looking, she proceded to tell me how much she liked cats in general and lynxes in particular. Showed me the lynx tattooed in blue on her shoulder. Explained how this picture called to her, how she had chased the original bidder away.

About this time I realized I had to introduce myself to her, so she would know I wasn't there to upbid her, but before I could say anything she went on:

Her: "The first thing I'm going to do when I get it home, though, is get it out of that mat. The only thing that kept this piece from going to auction, in my opinion, is that ugly mat. I bet if the artist had used a different colour, I'd have really had to fight for it. Awful taste."

Me (grinning like a baboon and trying not to bust out laughing as I hold out my hand): "Hi! I'm the artist!"

Moments like that are a whole lot of fun!!!!! :D
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