December 7th, 2006


Horsey Goodness

I was talking about the Model Horse Jubilee a couple months ago... I have pictures of some of my winning babies I think I'll trickle in here every now and then. Like now:

This is Altair, my Deseoso II (sculpted by Sarah Rose, painted by Tom Bainbridge) who took First in a class of 11 in Other Spanish, shown as an Azteca.

And this is Amazing Grace, my AA Freisian mare (sculpted by Donna Chaney, painted by Lynn Verbruggan) who took Third out of 13 in Light Carriage, shown as a Gypsy Cob.
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More Horsies!

This is Anticipation, a Breyer Halla customized into a sport mule molly by Diane Capwell. She's one of my winningest customs, and at this show she took First out of 6 in Simple Custom Long Ears.

And this is Apollo, a Let's Roll resin sculpted by DeeAnne Kjelshus and painted a brindled perlino by Danielle Feldman. He took First out of 7 in Partbred Stock as an Appendix Quarter Horse.
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