December 10th, 2006


Greyhound of Horse Breeds: Akhel Teke

This is Eroica (You knew there had to be one!), a Sergei resin sculpted by my second favourite sculpter Kitty Cantrell and painted a glowing palomino by Myla Pierce. He took Fourth out of 11 in Other Purebred Sport Horse as an Akhel Teke.

And here is Major Eberbach (natch!), the same resin painted by Caroline Boydston (my second favourite painter) to a shimmery gunmetal grey. He took Fifth in the same class. (I haven't heard the end of the grousing...)

Both beauties together!
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This is Fair Charisma, a Miz Charisma resin sculpted by Ed Gonzales, with paint job and resculpted mane and tail by Julie Kuiper. She took Sixth of 25 in the Partbred Light Horse class as a Walkaloosa.

And here is Firefly, a Animal Artistry Highland Pony sculpted by Donna Chaney, and painted by Tom Bainbridge. He took Second out of 27 in UK Pony as a Highland Pony. The little scale horses often show against the traditional scale ones, and just as often kick butt!
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