December 17th, 2006



A much better picture of Sandy Rose, taken either by Mandy Hickman or Rohan Sajnani, the collaborating artists.

This is Vlad, a The Crusher resin sculpted by Kitty Cantrell and painted a vibrant black bay by Caroline Boydston. He took Sixth of 13 in Carriage Horse as a Norman Cob.
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Group Shots

This is me with my custom and resin winners. As far as my goofy headgear... It was a Hallowe'en show!

And this is me with my Original Finish winners. :)

Hey, Aries Jordan! Saw you at the mall!!! (Well, the Goddess Mobile, anyway.)
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The Dumb


Now that I've shown you most of my Jubilee winners for this year, I think I'll post some better shots of some of my horses and other things. This was my entry in the West Coast Model Horse Show Jamboree's Tricked Out Pony contest, The Comeback Kid. He was a Top Ten Novice winner and got a special ribbon for Best Animal Transformation entry.

This is Gypsy Trisket, a Peter Stone Arabian customized into a National Show Horse by Nathan Ball. Trisket has been a consistant winner for me, including a Top Ten at the Nationals.
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