December 26th, 2006


More Tom

This is Gypsy Fox, a Sia resin sculpted by Kristin Lucas-Francis and painted by Tom Bainbridge. She makes a good yearling Arab or NSH.

And this is Gypsy Max, a Peter Stone Arabian painted by Tom using the Stone factory paints. Has an OF finish while still being OOAK.
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Tom's My Guy!

This tiny beauty is Khleopatraa, a AA Arabian Mare sculpted by Donna Chaney and painted this Khemosabi style red bay by Tom Bainbridge.

And this little guy is Mr. G, a Hadrian resin sculpted by Sarah Rose, also painted a nice silver dapple by Tom.
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Capt. Sparrow

Even More Tom!

This is Robin of Locksley, another Peter Stone Arabian, this one is also painted by Tom. Enjoy!

And this is Ruby Tuesday, another Lucas-Francis Sia, painted a buttery palomino tobiano by Tom.
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