December 28th, 2006

Got House?

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This is Gypsy Blueberry, another Sarah Rose Nevada painted to a kick-ass blue roan tovero by Tom. She took OverAll Grand Champion Mustang at NAN in 2005. :)

And this is King Dante, a Windfall resin sculpted by Sommer Prosser and painted a palomino sabino by Kristin Wellman.
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This is Wandering Minstrel, a Kulfi resin by Kristina Lucas-Francis painted chocolate pointed dun by Sandi Gaertner.

And this is Sitting Bull, a Cooper resin sculpted by Sue Sifton and painted an interesting leopard appy by Penn Youngman. The Jubilee judge taught me that he shouldn't be shown as an appy but as a Mustang. I think he can be shown as either, but I ain't judging! :)
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Jolly Roger

A Pair of Youngmans

This is Buffalo Bill, a Waddie resin sculpted as a companion to Cooper, also painted by Penn Youngman.

Here's Sitting Bull and Buffalo Bill together. :)
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