December 29th, 2006


Small Wonders

This gorgeous little guy is Ben-Hur, a Peter Stone Chips-scale Thoroughbred customized into a sport mule by Diane Capwell. He's comparable in size with the Breyer Stablemate scale.

And this is Khaspar, a mini Nahar by Sarah Rose painted by Stephanie Blaylock. Also Stablemate scale!
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Swiped from Toga!!!

In 2007, lordgloria resolves to...
Go to the anthropomorphics every month.
Put fifty wolves a month into my savings account.
Backup my Xena regularly.
Admit my true feelings to aries_jordan.
Take evening classes in Lost.
Volunteer to spend time with animals.
Get your own New Year's Resolutions:
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This is Marshall Dillon, another Fraley Sovran resin, one of the few that wasn't painted by Tom. Dillon was painted this sandy bay leopard appy by Melanie Miller.

And this is Lord of the Flies, an Alistair resin sculpted by Laura Behning and painted silver dapple by Tom. Stablemate scale!
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