December 30th, 2006


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This is William the Bloody, a Desperado resin sculpted and painted by Stacey Tumlinson.

And a bigger picture of Lord of the Flies. I accidentally posted the thumbnail of him last time. :)
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Tony, We Hardly Knew Ye

Tony is dead. Only a couple of weeks ago, we received word that he was in the emergency room, having collapsed after a round of golf and a group photo. The second part we didn't find out until this morning. A couple weeks ago, the message from the ER simply said, "Come."

We called the hospital's number back. "So sorry about Tony, but... you have the wrong number."

This morning is the memorial golf game in Tony's name. Everyone misses Tony, everyone is here for Darla. And a framed copy of the group picture taken just moments before Tony collapsed is for her, if she wants it.

Looks like we'll have to call Tony's friend back...
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Not Again

Makenzie Magic

This is Gypsy Aspen, a Breyer Lonesome Glory painted by Kathy Makenzie.

And this is Angelus, a Majestuoso resin sculpted by Stacy Tumlinson and painted buckskin by Kathy Makenzie.
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