January 23rd, 2007


Suck Suck Suckety-Suck

The day has reached official suckatude. Before we checked out of the hotel, Karoshi-man called to say my blind 14 year old weiner Bon-Bon had gotten stuck on his bed and peed it. Okay, no panic.

At the zoo Anal-man called home to check on things. My parrot Flash had assaulted the Sister-Unit the night before and she fought back, so we wanted to see if the feathered menace was all right. Yes. But, Karoshi-man said, my younger mini weiners had gotten into a fight over their fleece bed, and Spike was the aggressor for once. So Dru has a small neck wound.

Mi-chan called to say she had left her pillow in her room at the con hotel

As we left the zoo, a couple hours later, the Sister-Unit called in a pure psycho rage. Karoshi-man was in the hospital with another diabetic gastric attack, and was puking blood. Three days Sis was off, but she has to go in early tomorrow morning, and Karoshi-man pulls this. Who's going to medicate the Scarlett Princess? And how dare we not have come home RIGHT AFTER THE CON, we should have known this would happen.

Well, I was officially POed. I mean, we're hundreds of miles away. What can we do about it? But the gods of Suckatude weren't done with us yet. Going back to the hotel to get Mi-chan's pillow, Anal-man struck a deep pothole. Yup, flat tire. And bent rim. So we're limping home on the spare, because there's no way to get it fixed in Gilroy.

Sister-Unit called again to berate us as we were going to eat at the Black Bear Diner in Gilroy. Grumble. We're home now, so things can return to the pseudo-normal it tends to be around here. I can't leave for a few days without the whole place falling apart!!!!! *argh*

Edit: Karoshi-man is still in the hospital. He's feeling better, but we don't know how long they'll keep him yet.
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