February 19th, 2007


Camelot Revisited

I was 5 years old and living in Houston when the President of the US and his wife visited Dallas. I was a hyper-aware child. My father, unusually quiet, had the news on that November afternoon and I sat down on the floor without a word to watch Walter Cronkite with him. On the screen was the blueprint of the Texas School Book Depository, showing the escape route taken by the as-yet unnamed, uncaptured assassin.

It was my first real awareness of tragedy outside of my own tiny world, and I have never forgotten it. I remember the body lying in state, the long horse-drawn journey to the cemetary with the flag-covered coffin. The recently released home movie showing the startlingly clear face of Jackie smiling just 90 seconds before their world shattered seemed very familiar to me, like I'd seen it before, though I can't say why.

One moment between here and there.
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