March 30th, 2007

Love Good Guys

R.I.P., Jerry...

I had a feeling I wouldn't be long posting this sad message. As fast as things caught up to Jerry (Gerald Perkins), it was too fast. This was posted just a few minutes ago on his journal, and I pass it on to you who knew him. He will be very much missed.

"Jerry died this afternoon, shortly after being removed from life support. His brother Doug was with him. Jerry had a massive systemic cancer that was not diagnosed until he was in the hospital. I believe that his end was peaceful and he did not suffer much.

Before he died I read all your good wishes to him. I hope he heard them. Thank you all for your kind thoughts.

In sadness and sympathy,

Amy Thomson"
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Picture Meme

Toga asked for three things:

My favourite shoes: Here they are on my feet!

Something I kept from High School: This is the tassle from my graduation cap -- it hangs over my work space.

The view from one of my windows: This is the scene from my living room into one side of our backyard.

Now, for those of you who'd like to play along, I'd like to see a picture of:
1. Your youngest pet
2. Your current favourite toy
3. Something weird

Post the pictures in your own journal (with a request for pictures from your flist, if you so choose), and link me in comments.
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