May 8th, 2007



Finally getting a moment to do a little report on CaliFur this past weekend. I'm still pretty tired and achy -- cons wipe me out -- so this may be incomplete and most likely uninteresting. :)

First of all, I had a really good time. Marci shared the hotel room with Anal-Man and I -- I've know her for about 15 years and she's one of the sweetest people in the world. My lovey Mi-chan and her hubby Eric were there, but went home to needy weiners and the puss each night. Met Balaa, who is way cool (and talented), it's always great to see Martes who was the GOH. Karno is the luckiest bastard on the planet and won the Green Card lottery, so he's back in the country and dropped in on the con. :) I sold all but three of my originals (two panels of art!), and bought a Dark Natasha original (a black wolf portrait with lovely blue eyes.)

Talked to Natasha over Mi-chan's cell phone. She sounded upbeat though tired, and was really disappointed over missing the con. At least she's doing all right. *whew!*

Table sales were better than last year, so all in all very successful. Now I need to nap for a year!!! (But I've gotta start replacing all the art I sold with stuff for AnthroCon in July...)
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