June 20th, 2007


Wolfgang Zoo #2: Bon-Bon

Here is my eldest, Bon-Bon. She is also my dearest. :) She is a miniature dachshund, in the rarer silver dapple colouring, and she just turned 15 on March 6th. She has Progressive Retinal Attrophy, and totally lost her sight 5 years ago. Up until then, she was a mighty, enthusiastic and agile ball chaser, but sadly if you can't see 'em, you can't chase 'em...

She grew up with Ivan, a cat you'll meet later, and they would chase and wrestle all over the house until age caught up with them. Bon-Bon has always loved cats, and babysits the occasional abandoned litters we've raised. She also kissed all the young rats Karoshi-man raised, demanding to be placed in the tank with them. They would cower in a corner in confusion, while she happily kissed the tops of their heads.

She had a false pregnancy once before I spayed her, and gave birth to a teddy bear. It's a funny story I'll tell you all some time!

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Wolfgang Zoo #3: Edward Scissorbeak

This is Drusilla. We'll come back to her when I get a better picture uploaded. Let's just say she has more personality than this little photo can convey!

In the meantime, enjoy this snap of our movie prop topiary: Edward! This lovely pteredactyl was featured in the movie Edward Scissorhands and MIGHT have been touched by Johnny Depp. *swoon*

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