June 24th, 2007

Almost Innocent


Pirates' Row, portrayers of the Seven Deadly Sins, I have committed Wrath!!!! (And she is Not Cute. I swear!!) Anal-Man hasn't had a chance to scan her yet. Soon!!
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Grabbed From Toga!

Wow! I'm pleased enough with this...

Your Score: Werewolf

You scored 60% Esotericism, 34% Power, and 54% Malevolence!

In popular folklore, a man who is transformed, or who transforms
himself, into a wolf in nature and appearance under the influence of a
full moon. The werewolf is only active at night and during that period,
he devours infants and corpses. According to legend, werewolves can be
killed by silver objects such as silver arrows and silver bullets. When
a werewolf dies he is returned to his human form.
The concept of werewolves, or lycanthropes, is possibly based on the
myth of Lycaon. He was the king of Arcadia, and in the time of the
ancient Greeks notorious for his cruelty. He tried to buy the favor of
Zeus by offering him the flesh of a young child. Zeus punished him for
this crime and turned him into a wolf. The legends of werewolves have
been told since the ancient Greeks and are known all over the world. In
areas where the wolf is not so common, the belief in werewolves is
replaced by folklore where men can change themselves in tigers, lions,
bears and other fierce animals.

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