June 28th, 2007


Wolfgang Zoo #6: Spike

This is Spike. Soon I will have better pictures of my pretty boy. He's a Tweeny-Weeny. That's a Dachshund who's too small to be a standard size and too big to be a miniature. Like Bon-Bon, he's a black-n-tan silver dapple, except he has a big patch of white on his throat and white toes on three of his feet. He turned 5 years old in May.

He's a funny boy. Funny Ha-ha and Funny Strange. He's afraid of heavy machine noises (trucks, low flying planes, lawn mowers, etc.) He loves Girls!! He loves Drusilla, who is almost half his size and is so the Boss of him. He loves his igloo house. When Dru yells and chases him, he runs right inside like a good little boy. Dru makes him stand in the corner. I kid you not.

Here's a picture of Spike with his friend Mr. Light:
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So this is how it is in my family. I'm feeling down today, but my art mojo is working like an SOB. I've just finished inking a unicorn nude on a very wrinkled sheet -- lots of folds and details -- for AC (which is soooo breathing down my neck). Pleased that something is turning out so well (I had to scrap two other tries yesterday) and needing a tiny ego boo, I show the Sister-Unit my hard-won success with the sheet.

"Yes, yes, very intricate," she says, clearly bored with the whole situation. "You're wasting your talent on that junk, you know."

I have to walk away now, before I get hit with the Sister-Unit's Wisdom Rant #28. Blah, blah, blah.
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