July 14th, 2007


Wolfgang Zoo #9: Flash

This is Flash. He's a Lilac-Crowned Amazon, and is at least 20 years old -- probably closer to 25. All the things you've heard about how obnoxious these beautiful parrots are is true. He's smart, vocal, demanding, and very possessive of ME. I can handle him, kiss him, turn him over, what have you, but the rest of the household are The Enemy. They are Rivals For Lord Gloria's Affection.

Can he talk? A bit. Keep in mind that I didn't teach him. He landed in our backyard almost 20 years ago and was never claimed. What does he say? "Hello", "Good Boy", and... "Fuck You." He meows like a cat, barks like a dog, and can wolf whistle.

The Sister-Unit, Anal-Man, and Karoshi-Man all wish he would fall off his perch and head for Birdie Heaven. They're jealous, 'cause he only loves ME. (Who can resist a creature who strokes your ego? *grin*)

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Aussie Flyer

Grey Kangaroos, enjoying the day, with watchful keepers. There was a trail visitors could pass through the 'Roo pen on.

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Here's a Komodo Dragon who was looking all noble for photos through the glass. Not poisonous, but the bite is horribly septic. :)

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Wolfgang Zoo #10: Ivan Blackheart

Meet Ivan the Blackheart, freak of nature. Despite appearences he is not related to Blackjack other than being a black tuxedo kitty too. Ivan is 15 years old, and has had one of those Interesting Lives you've heard so much about. He was abandoned by his mother during a nest move (she was probably startled by the very children who found him) and given to their teacher, our next door neighbor, when he was probably no more than 3 days old.

He was so young his ears were still closed. He never got enough immunity-strengthening collostrum from his mother's milk, yet he thrived and grew under Anal-Man's care. As a small kitten he used to climb up my shirt to suckle my earlobe. (Mmmmm, kitten drool down my neck.) To this day he's disappointed that teeth changed the shape of his mouth and he can't do that any more. *grin*

He has skin allergies from the lack of early collustrum, and scratches his coat off every now and again. His body creates both kinds of urethra-clogging crystals in his bladder (something all vets who have treated him say should be impossible), and has had a replumbing operation to spare him the painful and life-threatening clogs, so he is technically a transexual cat.

The back of his right ear mysteriously separated from the skin of the inside of his ear, filling with fluid and looking like a balloon. To this day, no one knows why. But his vet performed surgery and literally quilted the two sides back together, and now he looks good as new. She has never had to perform that operation before or since.

He is bright-eyed, active, and vocal. He loves his daddy, but he loooooves his mommy.

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