July 15th, 2007

No Duh! House

Monkey Magic

Here's Pittsburgh's big daddy Mandrill, looking all studdly. His bored kid can just barely be seen behind him.

And this is momma Mandrill. Doesn't she look tired of being the housewife?
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Wolfgang Zoo #11: Emperor Maximus

Last but hardly least, here's our Max, a silver classic tabby Maine Coon cat. He's 6 years old and around 18 lbs, and is the biggest cuddle baby. He loves to be cradled in our arms like a huge fluffy infant. He's twice as big as Elsa and Ivan. He (sorta) obeys Ivan, picks on poor Elsa, and teases Dru when she comes in to eat.

All in all, he's a big hairy load of fun, and one of the most beautiful Coons I've ever seen. :)

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