July 19th, 2007


Long Strange Road

This is Rebel Yell, a LafnBear Tuesday resin mule sculpted by Lynn Fraley, painted a sabino dun by Jennifer al Beik. Mz Fraley's resins are hard to get -- you have to be chosen by lottery, or take your chances on the secondary market. I was lucky: Rebel came to me via lottery. I'm pretty good at being chosen for things I have to pay for.

So imagine my concern that the artist I sent her to went totally flake on me. It's taken me five years of run-around to get Rebel home. She just came in today. Her belly signature says she was finished in 2004...

With Rebel was this little scamp: Sugar Rush. He's a Heart's Fiesta resin sculpted by Kathleen Moody, of a Bashkir Curly colt. I had Jennifer paint him this dark bay tobiano.

I love them both -- I'm so glad they're finally home!!!
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Banzai Institute

Rare Success

Photographing River Otters can be a total chore. Here are the only two that were half-way decent from Pittsburgh. Gosh, but they're fun critters!

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Sexy Simians

This is such a classic Playboy pose our gibbon girl is in. Baby is sexy, yes she is!

Now, I'm not one to scream "Put pants on that horse!!" Animals are... well, exempt from our shackles of morality. Still, monkey junk is a little much for some folk, hence the cut.

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Snowy Nap

Thought I'd post this, even though the kitty is asleep. Still a nice shot of snow leopard back spotting.
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