July 27th, 2007


SDCC: Day 1: Enter The Nerd Prom

And, no, I was not there. The Sister-Unit is off watching a pre-showing of Stardust, one of the lucky few to get in. They passed out WAY too many free passes, and were shocked when everyone showed up! Anal-Man has gone to get her, as it must be over by now.

Joyce and her friend Haiku as well as michelelight came over (Mi-chan, I owe you for the salad!!!) and we yakked for quite a while. The Sister-Unit has swag for me, but I haven't seen it yet. Tomorrow I get to go. Yeah, me!
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Grabbed From zrath!

Mah belle winter_elf!

Your Livejournal Blind Date
LJ Username
Favorite Color
What you are wearing
Oh look! Your blind date is winter_elf
Your date is wearing a chicken costume and a one-man band kit
You dine on stale crackers and Laffy Taffy
Then you spend the next three hours poking a dead squirrel with a stick
Before taking you home, your date gives you a handful of soggy macaroni
This makes you feel dirty...in a good way
This Quiz by sarcasticka - Taken 563 Times.
New - How do you get a guy to like you?

All in all, a fairly good date!
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