August 13th, 2007

Glasses Blair

Drama At Wolfgang Zoo

Flash the Lilac-Crowned Amazon Parrot has some pet peeves. Mostly anything that everyone else does. Let me 'splain:

Some mornings my weiner wakes up before I do. (ba-dump, bump) Bon-Bon wants to go out and do her business. Anal-Man is the world's Best Hubby -- if he wakes instead of me, he takes Bon-Bon outside. Past the bird cage. Flash does not like to see The Filthy Rival with Momma's dog. So he puffs up, he shrieks, he threatens and generally carries on thusly:

Hey, you!! That's HER thing she carries outside!! What are YOU doing with it?! What have you done with HER?! Killed her, I'll bet!! Come over here and I'll tear yer eyes out, you WANKER!!!!

Flash is a real charmer. :)

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