August 20th, 2007


Bath Day

Yesterday was bath day for the mini-weiners, then flea combing, then flea killing applications for them and the cats. The fleas have been so awful this year that Frontline and Advantage hardly cut the population. I'm going to try daily doses of Capstar as soon as the vet sends prescriptions to 1-800-PETMEDS. Gonna bomb the cats' room and the yard, too.

Spike is the funniest dog. He loves bathes. He fusses for his turn, and is a total gentleman in the sink. Bon-Bon enjoys bathes too and her hair curls when it's wet, drying that way until it's brushed out. Dru doesn't care for baths, but she really wanted this one. Her skin is sensitive, and fleas really "bug" her. They were all bright and happy, playing in the kitchen as they dried. I love me pups.

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