September 18th, 2007


Got Some Bad News...

My mother called tonight. Seems my 95 year old grandfather has gone from having a bad time getting rid of a urinary tract infection to knocking on Heaven's Door. Pappy's body, which still houses his sharp mind, is starting the quick decline toward passing on. Mom said it's probably a matter of days, if not hours.

He's my last grandparent. In my life I have known three great-grandmothers and all four grandparents. With the exception of one grandmother -- Pappy's wife, my mother's mother -- I have been blessed in this. It feels odd to think that soon Pappy will be gone as well.

I'm still processing this information, but I feel terribly sad. Not for him -- Pappy seems ready to go -- but for all of us. Father, Grandfather, Great-Grandfather, Great-Great-Grandfather, a quiet, humble, clever man, I regret I won't be able to get out there to see him before he passes, but I expect I'll do a lot of thinking about him in the meantime.
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