October 23rd, 2007


Casa de Wolfgang and the Gates of Hell

The Harris fire finally made itself visible last night. The Sister-Unit came home around 2 AM, all freaked out. The mountain chain to the east of us, the entire crest was ablaze. Our house sits in a sort of hollow, so we have to climb out to see anything, and she drove me out to see what had her all unnerved... as soon as we crested our drive I could see the flames.

It's not as close as it looks, but it was still pretty freaky. I'm kicking myself for not taking my camera. Sis-U can smell the smoke, but I can't (blocked up). So far no asthma flare up, knock wood!
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Update, News From a Friend

I have a couple of friends, model horse artists, Caroline Boydston & Kitty Cantrell. Caroline just posted this on her news group. She is in the Pomona area, which is still okay:

"Hello Again,

I just wanted to send another update, this one being more personal......

PLEASE keep praying for all of us here!

I just got a call from my brother-in-law, he is a Deputy Sheriff for SBDO County and lives in Lake Arrowhead. He just came off of a 24 hour shift and is going right back on again. What he reported to me is that things are much worse, (at least in that area, Lake Arrowhead/Running Springs), then what we are hearing.

He and the other deputies and fire crews tried to get people to evacute last night, but whole neighborhoods of folks would not leave their homes. As he put it, it was like being in a movie, they had to drive through walls of flames to get out of the area. He also reports that there are ALLOT more homes that have been destroyed then what the media is reporting. The big problem is that they cannot access these places and at this point they have no idea what the damage really is, including very possibly loss of lives. :( I even asked him couldn't they force people to leave? He said, no, if people want to stay, there is nothing that Law Enforcement can do. He was almost trapped himself, and was just able to get out, as he told me, they didn't know which direction to go, the fire was all around, and as he passed a burning house, there was a truck parked outside, he went up that road and was trapped again by flames, so he turned around and as he passed the
truck, all four tires exploded from the heat! He did get out, so that's the BEST news, but PLEASE pray for him, this is far from over! Very sad and very scary!!!

(By the way this particular fire started because of the high winds. He told me the wind knocked a tree down on a powerline right at a power station.) (Also, just FYI, he also said it was O.K. for me to post this info.)

Lastly Kitty is still at her mom's house, unfortunalty, no one knows if there has been any damage to her house or not. :(

Thank you for all the concerned emails and phone calls, we really
appreciate it! Caroline"

Kitty lives in Romona, but evacuated to Escondido. Escondido has since been told to evacuate...
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