December 12th, 2007


Final Pretty in the Bainbridge Box!

This is Princess Leia. She's a Godiva resin commissioned by Tom from Morgen Kilbourn, a lovely Morgan mare he painted a pert palomino tobiano pinto. Leia will be shown as a pinto-Morgan cross because Morgans don't carry the pinto gene. Hmm... I don't think they come in Palomino either. Must do research...

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I have TMJ. It's short for a string of alphabet letters that basically mean I have arthritis and inflammation in my jaw. When it flares up, it's usually one side or the other of my mandible. This means the whole side of my face throbs, often running down that side of my neck, accompanied by sharp stabs of pain if I move my head the wrong way. Painkillers barely take off even an edge of it.

My right side flared up a several days ago, and It just started to ease down today. Still hurts, but not as bad. I'm heartily sick of the whole thing, I must say!
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