December 19th, 2007


The Short Saga of Lukasa II

This is not Lukasa, but it's a fair likeness. Lukasa is a pit bull/labrador cross, 9 months old, and as sweet as they come. She belongs to a work acquaintance of the Sister-Unit, who asked her to watch the pup for... well, we were told "a week or two" while he spent the holidays in Honduras.

We have a large yard. Lukasa is used to staying chained outside. Lukasa is quiet and does not bark. We are used to taking care of dogs. We LOVE dogs. Two of our past dogs were even full-blooded pits. Should be no trouble, right?

Only, it's not two weeks. It's for a month. Lukasa is NOT happy outside, even with easily accessible shelter. She doesn't eat her dinner. Lukasa moans and whines and howls. Right behind our bedroom. Anal-Man brings her into the strange enclosed porch outside our room, where she's unchained and has a warm dry quilt to lie down on. Moan, whine, howl.

Sleep not good. *sigh* Lukasa is a beautiful, sweet, friendly pup, but... Now she is back in her own yard where Sis-U will feed her twice a day. Gonna take a nap.
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