March 28th, 2008

Cute Methos

Wiener Vet Day

Today Spike and Drusilla went to the vet's. Shots were needed, plus one of Dru's teeth looks bad, so everyone got a bath and saddled up. Dru willingly goes anywhere, as long as it's on top of mommy (me.) But Spike... he doesn't like things with motors. Cars have motors. Every time Anal-man had to turn the car, Spike cried out like we were all gonna die...


Both need teeth cleaned, which we'll do in a couple weeks, but Dru's are infected. So, antibiotics for a week before and a week after. Blood gas checks for that, plus three shots for Spike and two for Dru. While we waited for the antibiotics in the busy waiting area, tiny Dru challenged every pup and person in the room to a fight.


As we were bundling everyone back into the car, the vet tech ran out with a nasal applicator, saying they forgot to give Spike his Bordetella dose. As I tried to hold his head steady, he bucked and I got medicine in my mouth. So I'M innocculated, too. More screaming on the way home from Spike, then the ordeal was over. Until dinner time.

Spike is the biggest Wuss in the south west. Maybe the entire south USA. I brought his food out to him, and he approaches the gate of their kennel crying pitiously. Well, I nearly freaked out! I'd just taken him to the vet's, and he gets hurt after I get home?! I picked him up, and he SCREAMED! And screamed and screamed, like I was killing him. Anal-man runs out to give me a hand so I can probe him. Whine, whine, whine, SCREAM!! The spot were he got his injections hurt. The way he was carrying on, I thought he'd snapped a rib!

I love my pussy wiener... =)
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