April 10th, 2008

Animated Methos

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Anal-man just left a bit ago with a Pet Taxi full of anxious Wiener Goonies, and I bet they fuss all the way to the vet's. Today is teeth cleaning day. Oi! Teh Drama!
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Wiener Vet Day: Update

Got a call from our Dr. Olson on Dru: She needs 9 teeth pulled! Poor tiny little critter!! She'll be on soft food and pain meds for 2 weeks. *sniffle* If only they weren't such freaks about having their teeth brushed...
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Home Again

Well, the pups are back home. Dru ended up only losing 7 instead of 9 teeth, but she's sore and clingy. She started picking up after I let her run around the kitchen a little bit. Spike is tender but fine. :)

Ivan has a heart murmur, and one of his kidneys is misshapen (he's had a kidney disorder all his life, and apparently this is a normal progression of the disease.) They did up a blood panel on him, so we'll know more tomorrow. Right now he's resting with Daddy Anal-Man.
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