May 11th, 2008

Cute Methos

Lord Gloria: 'Possum Wrangler

Last night my wiener pups were going off like Bigfoot was doing the hoochie-koochie in front of their kennel. After a little poking around with a flashlight I found this little guy crouched between the kennel and a low wall (there is about 15 - 20 inches between the wall and a chain-link barrier barely containing white-hot wiener fury):

Trust me. Poking baby possums with a stick only confuses them and makes them faint. Try the pooper scooper. Highly efficient! And he was so small he fit right in the pan of the scoop. Once away from the terrifying duo that is Spike and Drusilla, baby Teddy (all the local possums get dubbed "Teddy") scooted into the bushes, through the bushes onto a limb of our aspen tree, and way up over my head.

Doggy silence ensued. The vicious intruder was sent packing.
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Happy Mother's Day... all you mothers out there, but especially to FF "Crash" K, the remarkable mother of lordgloria, the Sister-Unit, Zonker, and the Once-Brilliant Kipster. Happy Day, Mom!

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Apparently we're never too old for this. Mooooooommm!!!!
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