June 7th, 2008

Easily Amused

Triple Crown Dreamin'

Today Big Brown hopes to join Seattle Slew as one of only two Triple Crown winners to run undefeated. He has a Very Good chance of being the first Triple Crown winner in thirty years.

The Belmont Stakes. Today. I know where I'LL be! :)
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Triple Crown Denied

This is Da'Tara. He just won the Belmont Stakes wire-to-wire. It's only the second race he has ever won. What happened to Big Brown, who came in dead last?

He appears to be fine, but his jockey knew he had nothing left in the 93 degree heat and opted to let him have an easy trot over the finish line instead of pushing him to a third or fourth position and possibly injure him. The quarter-crack in his hoof that had been successfully treated is not believed to be a factor.

Disappointing, but at least Big Brown seems to be okay.
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    Belmont Stakes