June 22nd, 2008


Some Art For AnthroCon!

Didn't get nearly as much done as I hoped, mostly due to general malaise and a too-hot house, but here's a look at the new. Not included is "Coyote Makes The Land", which needs to be scanned, and "Freyja" (who is still "in progress".)

This is "Fo-Ting", another in my goddess series, this time a kirin.

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What a Morning...

more cat pictures

Scarlett apparently had one of her cardiac episodes last night, then again this morning, so the Sister-Unit was Major Stress Girl because she had to go to work and the Scarlett Princess is her Everything. After frantic phone calls and hand-wringing, Scarlett will go in for an EKG tomorrow.

Anal-Man was up since 1 AM with gas and pain, mostly sounding like a gall bladder attack. (I've had a couple -- no fun!) With the Sis-U having to go to work, and me being Legally Blind and unable to drive, thank the Powers That Be for darrelx, who was most kind to take him over to Urgent Care. I can't go with, since I have to princess-sit, so here I am. Waiting for word.

More later, as the Globe Revolves...
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Anal-Man called from the ER. It Might be appendicitis... His pain was high for it and he has no fever, so I never thought of that. They're running more test.
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More Update

They're making Anal-Man drink 3 bottles of barium for a CT scan. Every docs' saying, "Hmmm. Sounds like a Bad Appendix."

I'm glad he went in -- I thought it was just a gall stone. O.O
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More Update, the Second

I'm in ur LJ, fillin' up ur freunds' page!

Anal-Man set progress back by up-chucking the barium (which is understandable -- why don't they give them the anti-nausea meds before they throw it up.) Now he's on anti-nausea and morphine, and they have to wait another hour to make him chug barium again.

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Son of More Update

What do you know? I was right. It's gall stones. He's got meds for flare-ups, and they want to remove the gall bladder but it's not an emergency. *whew!* He can wait until after Comic Con (barring any unforeseen emergencies.)

Thanks for sticking with me through this -- it's been a stressful day. I can't wait 'til he gets home!!
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